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How do you earn so much? It's easier to make a lot of money if you love what you do. I think anyone who enjoys their job is going to make more than those who think, "Damn, I gotta work again. I have VIP cards—kind of like Starbucks.

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Where do you draw the line with extreme requests from clients? Things like bodily fluids and bondage on the receiving end are a no-no. Being in control is very important. Anything unsafe is off the menu, regardless of price. The business has changed since the advent of the internet. For example, sex happens, but sex doesn't always happen. I have disabled clients who can only cuddle or chat; I have clients who want companionship in non-sexual ways. And a lot of escorts now are true entrepreneurs.

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This is a capitalist country after all. Everything is OK to sell except for sex and companionship? What would you say to the people who make those kinds of moral judgements about you? I am very spiritual, believe it or not. But I don't buy the dogma. I keep it simple. The universe has laws. It must love all things equally if it created everything and creation is done out of love.

I don't think you can create from hate. Do you feel society stigmatises you, as a male escort, less than it does your female counterparts? Oh, trust me, I still take flak—and occasional death threats. But it's much easier for males in my line of work. When they explain, it comes to down to general sexism. What have you learned about the human psyche from your clients? Many of my clients have a lot of repressed feelings and desires—and not only older clients. A client in New York I met weekly over a few months, the effect the experience had on him—he was questioning everything and he told me on our last meeting how his life had changed because of our time.

He was happier. Family life, business, everything got better.

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He said he felt like he dealt with things that were beneath the surface. You're campaigning to promote the legitimacy of sex work in the hopes it will lessen its stigma.

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What change do you want to see? It's about creating a safer environment. If no one talks about sex work publicly it could continue to go deeper underground, which will only make it more dangerous for people forced into sex work against their will. Which brings us to the charity you work with: The National Ugly Mugs Scheme.

What to they do? We ate at posh restaurants, drank our nights away, and traveled extensively London, Paris, Nice, Italy. He brought me to his tailors for a custom wardrobe. He drank himself to death and I got half of what was left of his estate.

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I bought a co-op with that money and made some investments with what I didn't burn through. I doubt it's gone up--most rent boys have kept their prices the same the last few years because of the recession. My sister keeps telling me this is true for Rocco Reed, but I've never heard about Rocco being an escort. A former rentboy I know had a "celebrity" encounter that was entirely negotiated by the celeb's assistant, prior to the assignation.

My only question for him was whether or not he had ANY idea who the client was, and he replied with an emphatic NO. I amuses me to think that some guys are so caught up in their egos that they will go to ridiculous and unnecessary lengths to protect their secrets One has to laugh at the obviously basement dwelling poster who denies there's high end trade.

I know a gay housecleaner for pro footballers non US He's had to wipe off the cum of 10 of them who had a wanking contest and gets to suck them off when they're bored and horny. Anyone can be had for the right price and the right lure, like a Gulfstream return trip to Dubai. And the poster who said the high end are often special requests for athletes certainly got it right. More fascinating for me are the kept boys, and especially the kept boys who surf upwards to richer and richer daddies. But you usually need a geisha mentality to make it work. All it took for one full-lipped dazzler I met was one weekend at the Aspen apartment of a richie I know who had just set him up, and he that same weekend he had met and moved on to an international London investment banker.

Boom bam.

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Cool as a cucumber. Eyes on the prize. No doubt from there it will be on to a billionaire.

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Not all play it well, but a lot do. Look at the Baron de Rede who scored a cool million in the s to be the bumboy of Arturo Lopez-Willshaw. I remember standing on the Ile St Louis and staring up at his enormous crystal chandelier glittering in the night through the window.

And now the buyout figures are even bigger. There's a number of tippy-top international interior designers, past and present, who began that way. They get to experience spectacular private interiors, get bored and or dumped, and use that visual education and international contacts they've gained to move into design. There's a cute hi-end redhead rentboy who has a blog. It's been linked here in the past but I forget the url. He's in constant jetting mode to clients. Maybe someone can link to it for the OP. What is this fixation with calling people old as if it were something they should be ashamed of?

Who has such a strange agenda? You know what it's like for the beautiful: His mission: He was one of several hired whores, and it was water off a duck's back for him. I think Colton Haynes is probably in the top five of high-end rent boys right now.

I never used to believe he was in this line of work until he popped up at the post-Oscars Governors Ball a few years ago before he was on MTV. A guest of one of his clients no doubt! I know someone like that. He lives in the most fabulous villa in Venice, left to him by the rich woman who made him famous.